With YOUNG JUSTICE Returning, Co-Creator Urging Fans To Petition DC for Comic Books

Young Justice
Young Justice
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Greg Weisman, co-creator of the Young Justice animated series and veteran comic book writer, has urged fans of the show to contact DC Comics and demand a new volume of the Young Justice tie-in comic book title to accompany the recently announced third season of the show.

"Brandon Vietti and I are hard at work on Season Three of the Young Justice television series. But (a) we just got started and (2) making animated episodes takes a long time. (Ten months minimum. Minimum.)," said Weisman on his blog. "So, if you want more new YJ stories sooner, the answer is pretty simple. Artist Christopher Jones and I are chomping at the bit to make more Young Justice stories in comic book form. Producing a comic book takes considerably less time than producing television episodes, so if we got a green light on a comic book series now, you could theoretically have new stories in a matter of months."
Weisman went on to explain how fans could help facilitate the idea, saying "And the answer is again simple. Buy the comics that already exist! Issues #0 - #25 of our companion YJ comic have been collected into four trade paperbacks. (And all of these stories are canon to the series, with time stamps and everything. In fact, stuff in Season Three will play off of stuff from Seasons One and Two and from the comics.) The best way to show DC that you want more comics is to purchase these stories electronically on the DC App, on Comixology, or on iTunes."
Weisman went on to say that the books, though collected in trade paperback, are all out of print, and urged fans to buy them on digital platforms. He encouraged a similar tactic for the Young Justice animated series before its return, asking fans to watch the show as much as possible on digital and streaming platforms.
Young Justice season three was announced in November, and was greenlit after considerable fan demand and favorable viewing numbers of the previous seasons on streaming platforms.
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