25¢ THE WALKING DEAD & Other 25¢ FEBRUARY Titles Walked Back By IMAGE After Retailer Backlash

"The Walking Dead #163" cover
Credit: Charlie Adlard (Image Comics / Skybound)
Credit: Ryan Ottley (Image Comics / Skybound)

Image Comics has amended the wholesale price of its planned 25¢ titles in February after retailer backlash. The publisher has informed retailers via Diamond Comics Distributors that the books will now be sold to them at an effective half-price discount; previously, the titles were to be sold at 20¢ plus the cost of shipping handling, which would mean retailers would effectively sell them at a loss.

“We deeply value retailer feedback and do our utmost to course correct as soon as possible when necessary," said Corey Murphy, Image's Director of Sales. "At Image, we are well aware that our success and your success are one and the same. Image Comics’ 25th anniversary is not only about celebrating our history as a company, but also about celebrating our 25 years working in close partnership with our Direct Market retailers.”

The titles - The Walking Dead #163, Invincible #133, and Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #25 - continue to have a recommended retail price of 25¢, but retailers can buy them from Diamond under a "D Discount."

"Each retailer qualifies for different discount levels per the product offered and how much they spend on a monthly basis (their discount is calculated on a 6-month rolling average of their total monthly order). D is our Standard Discount for most comic book offerings—and most retailers qualify for 50% or more off the listed cover price," said Michael Moccio, Diamond's Advertising/Partnerships Marketing Manager. "Therefore, for the 25 cents books at retail - most retailers will be paying 12.5 cents for each.”

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