ALL-NEW WOLVERINE Gets an All-New Look for All-New Arc

All-New Wolverine #19
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The 1990s fad of characters upgrading to new armor costumes may be returning, as Laura Kinney gets a new bulletproof suit for the March's new arc of All-New Wolverine

The new suit resembles the former Wolverine's grey-and-black X-Force suit, a departure from the blue-and-yellow Laura previously wore in honor of Logan.

"A lot of what we’ve been doing in this series comes down to moving Laura to the next logical step," All-New Wolverine writer Tom Taylor explained to GameSpot. "She’s growing on the page. This suit is part of that growth. It all comes down to the amount of times Laura is hurt, or taken out of action. Just because she has a healing factor, doesn’t mean she enjoys pain, or bullets ripping through her internal organs. She has had her issues with pain before, and she’s moving through this. This suit is designed to be bulletproof and generally more protective."

Laura will don the new suit to take on a new threat in the form of an alien that crash lands on Earth. Titled "Immune," the arc features Wolverine attempting to curb an alien contagion that only she is immune to.

"Immune" launches in March with All-New Wolverine #19. Artist Leonard Kirk, who designed the new costume, also joins the series with #19.

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