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Credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics)

Updated December 12, 2016: Marvel has confirmed that artist Stuart Immonen will join Amazing Spider-Man as of #25, a 40-page issue coming in March that will establish Norman Osborn as the next big threat Spider-Man will have to face.

"Amazing Spider-Man #25 is huge and gorgeous. It's a 40-page story that [Stuart] and Dan Slott did together and it looks absolutely amazing," Amazing Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe told ComicBook. "Spider-Man looks amazing. Peter Parker looks incredible. There's some stuff in there that is so charming and fun and exciting and action-packed, and the fact that Norman Osborn is going to be our main villain for this arc, and Stuart draws terrifying villains with these kind of cold eyes. I cannot wait for people to see what he does with Norman. But yes, we are so stoked to be working together, and he and Dan are working really well together, too. It's got me super pumped up about this new era of Spider-Man."

Immonen will also illustrate a story in the recently-announced Clone Conspiracy: Omega one-shot which will wrap up the crossover's Kingpin subplot.

Amazing Spider-Man #25 will be on shelves in March.

Original Story: The new status quo of Amazing Spider-Man after Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy looks to have been spoiled from a premature Amazon.com listing. A collection titled Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide Vol. 6 appears on the retailer's website, collecting Amazing Spider-Man #25 through #28 - March's Amazing Spider-Man #25 was said to set up the title's new status quo after Clone Conspiracy.

"PARKER VS. OSBORN!!! In the end of Superior Spider-Man, Peter Parker cured Norman Osborn of the Goblin serum and insanity. But Peter didn't realize that a sane Norman Osborn is more dangerous than ever," reads this book's description from Amazon. "Can Spider-Man wield the full power of Parker Industries to take on Osborn's military might?! The end of Parker Industries begins here!"

Additionally, this purported collection lists Stuart Immonen as the new artist of Amazing Spider-Man. The long-time Marvel exclusive has never illustrated the Spider-Man flagship title before, but did an extended run on Ultimate Spider-Man after the departure of Mark Bagley.

Marvel declined Newsarama's request for comment when reached.

Earlier this week, Slott said details about the post-Clone Conspiracy Amazing Spider-Man title would be announced Monday.

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