"X-Men: Prime" art
Credit: Ardian Syaf / Jay Leisten (Marvel Comics)

The relaunch of Marvel's X-Men line, dubbed "ResurrXion," will kick off with a one-shot entitled X-Men: Prime, which picks up directly after Inhumans vs. X-Men. The standalone issue will set the stage for the X-Men's status quo and introduce the new teams that are a part of the line.

“[X-Men: Prime is] a book that represents the X-Men line going forward, as everyone plants their seeds," editor Daniel Ketchum told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re just at the tail end of the war. They’re literally picking up the pieces.”

The one-shot will be written by the writers of the upcoming X-Men titles, including Marc Guggenheim of X-Men: Gold, Cullen Bunn of X-Men: Blue, Dennis Hopeless of Jean Grey, Sina Grace of Iceman, James Robinson of Cable, and Christina Strain of Generation X. Ken Lashley will provide art for the issue.

EW also showed off new costume designs for the various X-Men teams, with the Gold designs created by Ardian Syaf, and Blue's costumes designed by Jamie McKelvie. Likewise, Ketchum offered insight into the content of the new "ResurrXion" titles.

Credit: Ardian Syaf

For one thing, X-Men: Blue won't be relegated to featuring only the five original X-Men for long. New members will join the team as the series rolls on. “As far as Jean goes, she’s the only woman on the team right now," Ketchum explained. "This is a reflection of the fact that these are the original five. But the membership’s not going to stay at five.”

Credit: Ardian Syaf

Furthermore, with Xavier, Cyclops, and Wolverine all dead, new heroes will step up to lead the X-Men. Namely Kitty Pryde in X-Men: Gold, and Cable, who Ketchum calls the new "patriarchal figure" of the X-Men line. Old villains will also resurface, with Ketchum explaining that one of the main villains of Generation X hails from the original iteration of the series.

Credit: Ardian Syaf

X-Men: Prime is due out in spring, 2017 with no specific date having been announced.

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