Review: McFarlane Toys' LUCILLE from THE WALKING DEAD Brings Murder Home For the Holidays

Credit: McFarlane Toys

Have you ever wanted to own an exact replica of the weapon used to violently murder several beloved characters on a TV drama? Well, there’s good news just in time for the holidays!

Yes, McFarlane Toys has recreated Lucille, the barbed-wire-covered bat employed by the psychotic Negan in The Walking Dead comic books and TV series. And they sent us one to review.

Credit: McFarlane Toys

This was an odd package to find on the doorstep after getting home from Thanksgiving.

How do the usual standards for reviewing comic books and action figures apply here? Well, let’s answer, and in some cases raise, a few questions about this murderous piece of sporting-goods equipment.

What is this? A “role play” replica of the Lucille bat from The Walking Dead.

How much does it cost? Suggested retail price is $39.99.

Credit: Zack Smith (Newsarama)

When does it come out? Sometime this month.

Where might one purchase it? Retailers such as Gamestop, and online retailers such as Entertainment Earth.

Is this a toy? No, it is explicitly not a toy. There’s a sticker on it that says so. In several languages.

Is it an actual baseball bat? In theory, maybe? It’s certainly got the shape, but it’s made of a thick, hollow PVC, closer to what you might encounter for Wiffle Ball.

So could you actually beat someone’s head in with it? Why on Earth would you ask a question like that?! Well, maybe not right away, but it’d certainly sting like the dickens, depending on your upper-body strength.

It might take quite a while, like in the cult horror short The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Incredibly Inefficient Weapon. Which, if you think about it, would probably be even more agonizing for an immobilized victim to experience than the comparatively quick death by the real… wait, no good can come from this line of thought. Moving on.

And it’s not really barbed wire covering it, right? Nope, more of a gummy plastic.

Credit: Zack Smith (Newsarama)

How much does it look like the “real” Lucille, then? It’s pretty good, from a distance.

Could you elaborate on that? Well, if you look up close, there’s some very nice paint deco and sculpting to create a weathered look, but there are also several visible lines, presumably representing the different pieces assembled to make the overall bat.

Credit: Zack Smith (Newsarama)

It’s also pretty clear it’s fake barbed wire and a plastic bat if you’ve got it in hand. If you do a basic Google Image search for “Walking Dead Lucille” and find the shot from the finale of Lucille being pointed at an unlucky victim, you can see that the replica bat is more of an orangish-brown than the dark brown of the original, and the extra paint applications actually make it look less like its inspiration.

Credit: AMC

There’s also clearly tied-off barbed wire at the top of the “actual” Lucille, while the replica bat has some loose ends.

Credit: Zack Smith (Newsarama)
Credit: Zack Smith (Newsarama)

But it would make you look at lot more like Negan, right? Testing this with a leather jacket and a digital camera revealed the answer is yes, but not without more details and several thousand push-ups.

Break it down: Is this worth getting? If you’re on a budget and don’t want to assemble your own Lucille replica, this is the affordable choice.

Wait, there are other options? Sure, if you go on Etsy.

What do you mean? The replica bat retails for about $40, but if you’re willing to shell out a bit more…or a lot more…there’s some fairly elaborate fan-made versions out there.

For example, $50 will get you a much more…”used”-looking Lucille at this shop. Eighty bucks will get you one that’s made from real wood and real barbed wire…um, kind of the actual real-deal Lucille, might want to be careful with that. A cool $200 will even net you one with its own wall mount.

Any trouble you might encounter with law-enforcement agencies over ordering a barbed-wire baseball bat are strictly on you.

So, what is this good for? Cosplaying Negan at cons, though be careful if the cons are out-of-state – bringing a Lucille replica could get you in trouble at airports. Seriously, it just happened.

Credit: Zack Smith (Newsarama)

What are some other possible uses? Well, there’s potato-mashing, door-propping, macabre fireplace-mantel decoration, paperweight, wordless intimidation device for annoying solicitors that drop by, rolling pin, last-resort plunger alternative, poorly-functioning miniature-golf putter or croquet mallet, and possible way to liven things up in your relationship if one or both of you have severe issues.

What about as an actual baseball bat? Oh lord, no. It’d crack, possibly shatter with a well-placed fastball.

Hey, did you know Negan’s origin, including where the “Lucille” name came from, is being serialized in the monthly Image Plus promotional magazine, which has interviews and previews of multiple Image books? Yes.

Were you paid to say that? No, it’s just a good magazine that’s useful for finding new books out of the many, many titles put out by Image each month.

What other TV-show devices would make cool prop replicas? Well, still waiting for a licensed “Ziggy” handlink from Quantum Leap. The iPhone case is a poor substitute.

Overall, what do you give this? 6/10 for hardcore The Walking Dead fans; 4/10 for  casual followers, like this reviewer.

Man, wasn’t it sad when Negan used Lucille to kill --  Uh, SPOILERS! Some of us DVR!

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