Second IRON FIST Ongoing Announced - Before First Even Debuts

Iron Fist #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A new Iron Fist ongoing is coming from writer Ed Brisson and artist Mike Perkins - jumping ahead of the "Marvel NOW!" Iron Fists title announced back in July and joining the current Power Man & Iron Fist ongoing. First announced by The Hollywood Reporter, the new series will debut in March and pick up directly from Kaare Andrews 2015 Iron Fist: The Living Weapon series.

"Danny’s in a weird place. He’s questioning who he is and he’s pushing himself," Brisson said. "He’s a person filled with self-doubt, but he’s always going to have his sense of humor about him - even if he’s using it to cover his own pain. He’s an outsider who’s always trying to fit in, trying to find a place where he belongs."

In the aforementioned Iron Fist: The Living Weapon series, K'un Lun was decimated in a final battle and Rand is definitely feeling the effects.

"It wouldn’t be the first time that I’ve been accused of being a sadist to my characters. I tend to have a habit of putting them through the wringer," said Brisson. "As for where K’un-Lun is and how that affects Danny… That’s going to be a large part of what this first arc is about. K’un-Lun is the source of his powers and now that the city lays in ruins, Danny’s connection is severed. This affects his ability to actually be Iron Fist. His whole identity seems to be slipping away from him and he doesn’t know how to hold onto it."

Credit: Joe Quesada (Marvel)

The new Iron Fist series will begin with an arc exploring a previously-unknown island called Liu-Shu that Rand discovers with strong ties to the Iron Fist legacy - something he thought only K'un Lun possessed.

"What I really wanted to do was to go in and expand upon the established mythology. There’s a lot covered - or rather uncovered - in the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja run, and Kaare’s run, that provided opportunities to build upon," said the writer. "K'un-Lun has always had issues with infighting and corruption and everything that happens in this arc is because of that. There are threads from both series that will be followed up on. So, while there's a newness to everything that Danny is now up against, it also feels inevitable."

Credit: Marvel Comics

A new Iron Fist ongoing to coincide with the debut of Netflix's Iron Fist television series would seem inevitable to most, and according to Brisson he's feeling the pressure but trying to not be affected by it.

"I’m conscious of it [but] don’t let it get into my head. Iron Fist is one of my favorite characters and the last two series have been incredible," said the writer. "They’ve set an intimidatingly high bar. I think about that more than I think about the show, to be honest. There’s such a legacy behind the character and I want to be sure that I do that proud. That’s not to discount the show, though. I’m very excited for it and have already blocked off a weekend to binge it when it launches."

As mentioned earlier, Iron Fist will join the current Power Man & Iron Fist on comic book shelves, and appears to be jumping ahead of the original Iron Fist: The Living Weapon follow-up, Iron Fists, by Kaare Andrews and Afu Chan. No mention was made of that title in Thursday's announcement, but Marvel has told Newsarama previously that Iron Fists remains in production.

Iron Fist is scheduled to debut in March 2017.

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