Two Of MARVEL’s ‘Greatest’ Writers & Artists to Team For New SPIDER-MAN Title?

Clone Conspiracy images
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A new Marvel title will be spinning out of the current Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy event, launching from a newly-announced coda anthology titled Clone Conspiracy Omega. The news was announced by Spider-Man editor Nick Lowe during a live press conference Newsarama covered.

While Dan Slott and frequent co-writer Christos Gage will write two stories for Clone Conspiracy Omega, a third - which will set-up the new title - will be written by "one of the greatest writers in Marvel history, drawn by one of the greatest artists in Marvel history." No word on these unnamed creators, but James Harren has illustrated a cover for the one-shot.

Given the return of Ben Reilly in this week's Clone Conspiracy #3, that one-time Spider-Man would appear today to be the leading candidate for this new series. However, the publisher has two more issues of the event planned, as well as several tie-in issues where other possible candidates could develop.

Slott said the Clone Conspiracy Omega will debut between the release of Amazing Spider-Man #24 and #25, which infers an early February debut.

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