DAN SLOTT On SPIDER-MAN: CLONE CONSPIRACY #3's Shocking Twist & What Comes Next - LIVE

Clone Conspiracy images
Credit: Marvel Comics

This week's Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy #3 contained a shocking twist, and writer Dan Slott is ready to talk about it live.

Spoilers for The Clone Conspiracy #3 ahead.

This issue, the red-suited Jackal that's been running New U was revealed as none other than Ben Reilly - and he wants Peter to join him in resurrecting Uncle Ben. It has yet to be revealed exactly how this works, but Slott will undoubtedly provide some insight and some clues about what's still to come in the series.

Follow along with our coverage right here, and learn what's in store in the future of Amazing Spider-Man. You can also check out some fresh images from upcoming Dead No More titles right here.

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