STILIAN & VEINA Recruit Out of The Arena In BRIGANDS #2

"Brigands #2" preview

Ram V and Nick Barber's medieval Ocean's Eleven-style style tale continues in this preview of next week's Brigands #2.

Writer : Ram V
Art by: Nick Barber
Colors: Jason Lewis
Letters: Kel Nuttal
Edited by: Steven Forbes
Out to recruit more brigands for their heist, Stilian Desault and Veina arrive at the Barren Halls prison. They've come with a box full of stolen gold to buy a good man his freedom. But the trouble with smart people making dodgy deals is, you won't settle for less but you might still get more than you bargained for. There's new management in-charge of Barren Halls and they're not about to let anyone go free.

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