January's BATMAN Changed To Become Two-Part CATWOMAN Arc

Credit: Mitch Gerads
Credit: DC Comics

DC is changing up the solicited plans for January's Batman #14 and #15, making the two issues a two-part story where Batman will decide "what to do" with Catwoman after recent events.

"In these issues, how do you solve a problem like Selina Kyle? Is she a hero? Is she a villain?," reads the publisher's new description for these issues. "Can Batman and Catwoman ever really work things out? The award-winning team of Tom King and Mitch of Babylon (Sheriff of Babylon) bring you 'Rooftops,' a story in which Batman must decide once and for all what to do about Catwoman."

Announced as part of its weekly retailers-only newsletter, this two-part "Rooftops" arc by series writer Tom King and guest artist Mitch Gerads begins in January 4's Batman #14. The issue was originally solicited as the end of the current "I Am Suicide" arc, illustrated by Stephanie Hans. Hans's cover to #14 remains, and the artist will now also do the cover to #15.

"Having an absolute blast on these issues. Tom has really outdone himself with the storytelling," Gerads told Newsarama. "Who knew Romance comics were my thing?"

For those seeming to recall King and Gerads already being announced as reuniting for an upcoming Batman story, you're not wrong. The Sheriff of Babylon duo were solicited for Batman #15 with a one-off story titled "Street And Swamps," but that seems no longer the case given DC's notice to retailers.

Batman #14 and #15 remain scheduled for release January 4 and January 18, respectively.

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