Page from 'Totally Awesome Hulk #12'
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for this week's Totally Awesome Hulk #12.

This week’s Totally Awesome Hulk #12 finally brought together Amadeus Cho, and the man who killed his friend and mentor Bruce Banner – Clint Barton.

And thought the confrontation could have gotten violent, Greg Pak and Mahmud Asrar's story involved much less fireworks than expected. Rather than fighting, the two commiserated over the shared trauma of Banner’s death, even shedding tears together.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Of course, this raises the question of what will happen when Clint Barton and his old Avengers teammate – and Banner’s cousin – She-Hulk come face-to-face.

After suffering serious injuries as a part of Civil War II (the same crossover in which Banner died), She-Hulk is no longer in control of her Hulk persona. So if the two do cross paths, she may be less than civil or sympathetic.

Interestingly, the last time She-Hulk went on a rampage, it brought Hawkeye back to the Avengers to help apprehend her after years spent on the Thunderbolts.

Where this confrontation may take place is up in the air, but Clint Barton currently appears in Occupy Avengers and Jennifer Walters will star in the upcoming Hulk, scheduled to begin December 28.

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