A Small Town Erupts In Violence In RESIDENT ALIEN: THE MAN WITH NO NAME #4

Resident Alien: The Man With No Name #4

Shocking violence erupts in this preview of December 14's Resident Alien: The Man With No Name #4.

Resident Alien: The Man with No Name #4 (of 4)
Peter Hogan (W) and Steve Parkhouse (A/Cover)
On sale Dec 14
FC, 32 pages
A small-town doctor—and occasional detective—is an alien! Looking into the death of a drifter, Dr. Harry hires someone in another state to find the dead man’s family. A story arc ends, a new mystery closes, and a drug ring is shut down! Peter Hogan (Tom Strong) and Steve Parkhouse (Doctor Who) continue their celebrated character-driven series!
“One of the most charming and wonderful comics being published today.”—Jeff Lemire

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