Major VALIANT Character Returns In March 2017

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Credit: Rian Hughes (Valiant Entertainment)
Credit: Monika Palosz (Valiant Entertainment)

Valiant Entertainment's flagship character X-O Manowar is returning this March, according to a teaser released by the publisher Monday. The long-running X-O Manowar series ended back in September after a 50-issue run by writer Robert Venditti and various artists.

This new teaser hypes "War Is Coming," along with an illustration of an empty X-O helmet by Monika Palosz. Palosz has done covers for Valiant in the past, and is part of Marko Djurdjevic's Sixmorevodka studio.

Valiant has confirmed to Newsarama that a new X-O Manowar series will begin in March, framed as the publishers "most important launch of the new year, but quite possibly of all time." Interestingly, February 2017 is the 25 year anniversary of X-O Manowar.

"I do know what the plans are..... I’ve done what I’m going to do with the character and my time on the book. I’m handing him off to the next writer. I look forward to just being a reader, being surprised, and experiencing it monthly just like everybody else does," Venditti told Newsarama back in September.

Look for more details on the new X-O Manowar here at Newsarama.

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