Did CAPTAIN MARVEL Just Kill [Redacted]? CIVIL WAR II #7 Spoilers

Civil War II #7
Credit: Marvel Comics

Civil War II #7 hit shelves this week, and while it raises more questions than it answers, it may bear the last piece of the puzzle in the mystery of what happened to Tony Stark.

Spoilers ahead for Civil War II #7.

In what appear to be the climactic moments of Civil War II, Captain America approaches Miles Morales on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to sort out the implications of Ulysses’ vision of Steve Rogers’ death at Miles’ hand on those steps. The pair are interrupted by Captain Marvel, who begins reasoning with Miles to come with her, to ensure that what has been envisioned does not come to pass.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Meanwhile, Ulysses is in a fugue state in Attilan, unresponsive to Medusa and the other Inhumans as he experiences a new level of vision, in which he interacts with Old Man Logan, who warns Miles not to let Tony Stark push Carol Danvers too far, implying that his future Wasteland is a result of such a confrontation, as is an eventual exodus of the Inhumans from Earth.

As we return to Carol, Steve, and Miles negotiating, a force field appears around Miles, cast by Tony Stark who is wearing a version of James Rhodes’s War Machine armor - remember, Rhodey's death at the opening of the event caused the first rift as he was Tony's best friend and Carol's lover. He and Carol begin to fight, with Tony pushing her harder and harder until the battle’s final moment - and the final page of Civil War II #7 - in which it appears that Carol blasts a hole through Tony’s torso, echoing Rhodey’s fate at the hands of Thanos and Tony's own heart condition in his origin story.

As that panel concludes the issue, it’s impossible to say whether Carol truly killed Tony or not, or if Tony Stark is even dead. The implication from various sources set in the post-Civil War II Marvel Universe is that Tony is dead or otherwise unable to operate as Iron Man, but this isn’t the definitive answer fans have been waiting for.

Credit: Marvel Comics

For that, we’ll likely have to wait for Civil War II #8, scheduled for December 28.

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