SECRET WARRIORS Revived As Third Inhumans 'ResurrXion' Title

"Secret Warriors #1" cover by David Nakayama
Credit: David Nakayama (Marvel Comics)
Credit: David Nakayama (Marvel Comics)

A new Secret Warriors ongoing is being launched as part of the Inhuman side of Marvel's "ResurrXion" banner this spring. As reported by CBR, writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Javier Garron are working on the new series, which will feature team alum Daisy Johnson, as well as fellow Inhumans Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, Inferno, and Karnak. Moon Girl's companion Devil Dinosaur will be involved, and according to Rosenberg won't be the only non-Inhuman featured in the book.

"Some more folks will be added to the fold as we go, some are even fan favorites, but we aren’t giving out any clues just yet," Rosenberg said. "And no, they aren’t all Inhumans. For what this team has coming they will need all the help they can get. Or rather all the help they can trust."

While its already established that the Inhuman royal family are departing Earth post-IvX (to be seen in the upcoming Royals title), Secret Warriors is said to cover the Inhumans who choose to stay behind.

"This is sort of Quake’s team, there is a bigger fight than they can fully see or be a part of, it’s clandestine and full of intrigue. It’s high stakes, who do you trust, behind the curtain stuff," said the writer. "In terms of tone, I think Jonathan Hickman’s would be beyond hard to replicate, but there will be pieces of it."

As Rosenberg describes it, the original intent of the book wasn't to revive the Secret Warriors name; other title names included All-Winners Squad were bandied around, before the project evolved to be more like the original series.

"What we have with our Secret Warriors is a book that is sort of hard to define. Wil Moss and Charles Beacham (my editors), and I actually kicked around a few different names for the series. I wanted to call it the “All-Winners Squad” for a bit. It is really hard to name a series it turns out," Rosenberg said. "But a lot of the intangible stuff that made the original Secret Warriors what it was also finds its way into our book."

"Some of the original Secret Warriors is definitely in our DNA for sure, but we are forging our own path," the writer added. "{eople will see similarities and differences, but there are elements of other titles thrown in like the X-Men, The Runaways, The Avengers, Heroes For Hire, The Inhumans, and The Defenders too. But at the end of the day they are warriors and they are working in secret, so it was the obvious choice."

Secret Warriors is the third Inhuman-related title the publisher has announced in recent days, following Royals and Black Bolt.

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