POLL: Grade DC's New Bat-Family Of Titles

Cover to June's Batman & Robin

This week the last two titles in DC Comics June revamp of their Batman line (with apologies to August's Batgirl) hit comic book shops. All-in-all, Batman & Robin # 1, Batman #687, Red Robin #1, Batman: Streets of Gotham #1, a Batwoman-starring Detective #854 and Gotham City Sirens #1 completed the [for now] post-Bruce Wayne Gotham City facelift.

Newsarama friends at Best Shots have reviewed many of the new launches (click on the links for those) and of course all the titles have been hot topics on Newsarama's DC message board, but now we want to know what our readers think of DC's collective effort. How do you rate the new overhauled Bat-line?

Tell us what you think by taking part in our newest Newsarama reader poll and as always, if you're inclined, stick around and discuss your thoughts with your fellow fans.

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