Word Balloon from Chicago: Bendis, DiDio, Pfiefer and More

Word Balloon: Brit Invasion Panel

On this edition of the Word Balloon podcast, host John Siuntres reports from the convention floor at Wizard World: Chicago, speaking to such luminaries as Dan DiDio (Executive Editor DC Comics) who talks about Final Crisis and the experimentation DC has done and creating new legacy heroes; writer Will Pfeifer talks about his closing issues of Catwoman, Jeremy Haun talk s about adapting the NBC TV series Chuck for Wildstorm Comics, and we wrap up this installment with an exclusive (and lengthy) chat with Marvel's Brian Michael Bendis, discussing Secret Invasion, Nick Fury's Secret Warriors, Spider-Woman, and more, all in a location where no comics podcast has ever dared go before. No, seriously - one small step for Brian and John, one giant step for podcasts everywhere.

Check back later this week, as Word Balloon promises more floor interviews from last weekend's convention.

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