Animated Shorts: Voice Actor's Work on Batman a Miracle

Animated Shorts: Yuri Lowenthal

It seems there is little wrong in Yuri Lowenthal’s world these days. The voice actor keeps on getting roles that would impress any fellow pro, and also keeps Lowenthal himself exceedingly happy.

The actor is hard at work voicing the next incarnation of Ben 10, He and his wife, Tara Platt, are on the verge of releasing their own self-produced movie, entitled Tumbling After, and there are a number of other projects he has his fingers in. Yet ask this confessed comic book geek the role he’s most happy with lately? Try Mr. Miracle on Batman: The Brave & The Bold.

“I squeezed just a little bit,” Lowenthal laughs, “I think. (Producer) James Tucker had been threatening to save me something good every time I bugged him about considering me for the show. He said something about 'taking care of his Legionnaires...' And when I got the script delivered to my house in a manila envelope I tore it open, saw that it was Miracle Man, and I immediately texted him something like ‘Scott F***ing Free? Are you kidding me?’ and then probably something embarrassing about bearing his children. I also play another character in the episode (Prince Tuftan), which was cool, but come on, Scott F***ing Free, are you kidding me?”

As a previous interview with Wil Wheaton let out, the two actors, along with Neil Patrick Harris, are infamous comic book collectors. Their respective garages are overflowing with long boxes…and one of Lowenthal’s favorite series of all time is Jack Kirby’s original New Gods.

Another person Lowenthal has become a fan of is James Tucker, ever since he was the voice of young Superman on the Legion of Super Heroes series. This now continues with Brave and the Bold.

“[It’s been] a dream,” he says. “I love James and company, with Mike Jelenic and Brandon Vietti, being part of the company. They're my Legion Family. I've always loved Diedrich's on-camera work, and I had gotten to work with him on Ben 10. So we were familiar with each other. And John (DiMaggio) and I work together all the time, I love showing up and seeing him there. So, needless to say, it was a fun session.

“Also, I'm a fan of the show, which always makes working on the show more fun. It's kind of nice to see Batman go lighter than darker for a change, as much as I love the dark stuff. And getting to see characters like Bat-Mite and Etrigan and Plastic Man is just cool.”

Now anyone who saw last week’s episode saw that Scott Free was only in the opening intro segment. As John DiMaggio pointed out in his recent interview, Tucker and company usually use this segment to introduce a new hero, who will then go on to the longer second part in a future episode. So, did this effect Lowenthal as far as his performance was concerned?

“I treaded very carefully,” he said. “He's only in the teaser, so I had to make my words count. I hope they bring him back. Soon. Funny thing is, I worked with Ioan Gruffudd a couple of months later and I was like, ‘Hey, we're Mister Miracle!‘ of course, he's also Mister Fantastic, so he still wins. (Gruffudd voiced Miracle in an episode of Justice League--ED).

Considering this is from a guy who voiced a young Superman in Legion, it almost feels a bit disingenuous.

Now while Lowenthal was more than willing to talk up Batman, he was a bit more reticent about his current true star turn, as the title character in Ben 10.

“Ben 10's going great,” he said. “We’re gearing up to record Ben 10: Evolution soon. I’m looking forward to it. I miss the old gang.”

As for more roles in the near future? There’s indications he’s going to be in a few more shows, among them one called Emissary with Phil Morris, another show called Absolution with his wife Tara Platt and a few more.

“Dude, you know me,” says Lowenthal. “I'm an equal opportunity nerd. I'll take anything.”

Still, you got to admit that anything he takes on has been worth it each and every time.


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