KUNG FU PANDA Director Developing BONE Trilogy for WARNER BROS.

"Bone: Out From Boneville" cover
Credit: Scholastic

Warner Bros. has hired Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne for its planned Bone animated trilogy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In addition to directing, Osborne will co-write the script with Artemis Fowl's Adam Kline. The film is based on cartoonist Jeff Smith's 1991 - 2004 series of the same name.

Bone is very special and unconventional because it blends elements together that you don’t necessarily expect - soft, little comic characters and epic high-stakes fantasy adventure," said Osborne. "To carry this into the cinematic realm presents both an opportunity to represent what readers of all ages have loved about the series, while pushing animated storytelling into exciting and different areas."

Bone has been in development for over a decade, with Warner Bros. holding the rights since 2008. Previous to that, Nickeloden had worked on adapting it as a animated feature as well.

"As source material goes, Jeff's epic is something of a unicorn: mythic, whimsical and pure in equal measure," added Kline.

No production schedule or anticipated release date for Bone was reported.

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