One Dead, One Dying In THANOS #1 - SPOILERS

Page from 'Thanos #1'
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Mike Deodato Jr. (Marvel Comics)

This week, Thanos returned to Marvel Comics in a new solo ongoing series from writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mike Deodato. Thanos #1 brought with it a few surprises, including one major revelation that may have big implications for Marvel's titles and even movies.

Spoilers ahead for Thanos #1.

In Thanos #1, Thanos returns to his home sector, the Black Quadrant, to discover that his former minion Corvus Glaive has taken his seat of power among the Black Order, Thanos's villains crew introduced in Infinity. Needless to say, Thanos is not happy, forcing Glaive to kill himself and retaking his throne.

Across the galaxy, Tryco Slatterus, the self-styled Champion of the Universe, hunts down Thanos's brother Starfox at the request of Thane, Thanos's son who was also introduced in Infinity, telling him Thane has hired them to kill Thanos.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Finally, back on Titan, Thane discusses his plan with a woman, seemingly Thanos's beloved Death, saying he fears his father's exponential power, especially as his own strength dwindles. Death reassures Thane, however, as she knows a secret...

Thanos is dying. This revelation is accompanied by an image of Thanos coughing up purple blood.

No further explanation is given. It's unknown exactly how this relates to Thanos's recent appearance in Civil War II, or if there is a connection. One thing is certain, however. If Thanos dies, he'll be closer to his beloved Death than ever, and the landscape of the Marvel Universe will be changed.

Thanos #2 is scheduled to be released on December 7.

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