Marvel's KINGPIN Writer Will Do Cons In Any U.S. States But They Must Donate To 'Charities or Progressive Causes'

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Credit: Marvel Comics

After Humberto Ramos pledged not to attend any conventions taking place in U.S. States that voted in majority for President-Elect Donald Trump, another Marvel creator has spoken out about convention attendance. Matthew Rosenberg, writer of Marvel's upcoming Kingpin ongoing title and an alum of DC's Writer's Workshop, has posted on Twitter that he will only attend conventions that "donates to charities or helps progressive causes."

Here is Rosenberg's full statement, re-published with his permission:

Conventions- if you want me as a guest in 2017 you need to show me that your con donates to charities or helps progressive causes. I'll come to your show and raise money for local progressive charities too. But I'm not giving my time to your show without that assurance.

We let a lot of awful fucking ideas propagate and normalize by acting like every aspect of our lives is compartmentalized. It isn't. The TV show you watch, the song you dance to, the comic you love- come from real people. We can't divorce ourselves from that. My work is not your escape from politics, ethics, and beliefs. It's a celebration of them. You don't have to agree with everything I believe in. Or anything. But I'm making these books for the conversation. And I won't distance myself from that. We can't afford to do that anymore.

So I am happy to come to any city and any state , any con that will have me. But I am going to go there to help people and have a dialogue. I did 16 comic cons this year. I spent almost 20 weeks on the road. I'm fucking tired. And I am happy to do it all again next year but it has to be about something bigger than trying to sell myself. And obviously I have no interest in doing any shows that aren't inclusive, safe spaces with strong anti-harassment policies. If I'm at your show and I see people being harassed and your staff don't do anything about it, I will. And it will suck for all of us.

Other pros- Please think about the cons you go to, who you make money for. What do they stand for? Are they benefitting their community? Pros- obviously you do you. But there is a chance to use your voice beyond your work, help people beyond your fans. Not trying to pick on cons.

I love cons & the people who run them. It's ok to not agree with me/my agenda. But I just can't give you my time. And I think cons must be profitable because there are 200 of them every f***ing weekend.

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