Netflix LUKE CAGE Writer To Pen New (Netflix-Looking) ELEKTRA Title

Elektra #1
Credit: Elizabeth Torque (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Elizabeth Torque (Marvel Comics)

A new Elektra series is on its way from Marvel next year, with one of Netflix's Luke Cage screenwriters at the helm. Matt Owens and artist Alec Morgan are working on a new ongoing series scheduled to launch in February 2017. The new series will be set in Las Vegas.

"When we find Elektra in this story she is trying to hide in plain sight. She’s running. From everything," said Owens. "Vegas is a place that is extremely unfamiliar to her so that makes it perfect for her to hide out. But much like New York, Vegas has a dark side. And Elektra may not be able to stay out of trouble for long."

Elektra comes to Sin City and into the crosshairs of Avengers Arena villain Arcade.

"I love Arcade! He is so kooky. But at the same time he is not someone to be underestimated. He’s a brilliant inventor and a sadistic killer. He’s incredibly dangerous. It’s a different kind of threat for Elektra," said the writer. "As far as his interest in Elektra, she is one of the most formidable killers in the Marvel Universe. She fits perfectly into the new game he has constructed. So when she comes on his radar he simply can’t resist!"

Las Vegas, Elektra, Arcade - quite a unique mix. And according to Owens, he's intentionally putting Elektra out of her element to see how she adapts to her new surroundings.

"Elektra vs. Arcade. Who would ever think of those two going toe to toe? A ninja trained in the old school versus a tech mastermind in the entertainment capital of the world? It’s gonna be crazy," said Owens. "Elektra is someone who has been defined by her past. If you want to see what is in store for her looking forward, then you’re going to want to pick this up."

"I really want to hit the ninja elements of Elektra," the writer added. "What does stealth look like in Vegas? What cool and different ways can she use her weapons? Thinking about what is ninja in 2016 has been a fun jumping off point for her."

This will be Owens first time writing comic books - but not his first time working in the comics industry. Owens revealed that he interned at Gaijin Studios under Cully Hamner and Brian Stelfreeze.

"I couldn’t be more thankful to finally jump in on my first book!" said Owens. "I had an internship in college under such greats as Cully Hamner and Brian Stelfreeze so while I’m not new to comics, this is my first time writing one professionally."

Speaking of pasts, it is Elektra Natchios's past that Owens is trying to honor - while not being bound to relive it.

"Elektra has a very deep and complicated past. It’s a challenging balance to honor that while also trying to move a character forward. No matter where we find her we know one thing to be true about her above all else: she’s a badass. That part will never change," said Owens. "Putting her in unfamiliar places and matching her against unfamiliar foes is what will bring out sides to her she has not explored or is trying to run from. She’s Yojimbo, wandering from nothing and toward nothing. But the call of a hero is hard to ignore."

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