1 In 1000 VENOM #1 Variant Variant Coming to MARVEL's 'Top Retailers,' Along With Other Giveaways

Marvel retailer variant covers
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

A pair of new retailer incentive plans for select retailers are being done by Marvel in an effort to "keep fans coming back to their stores week after week," The first of these plans will provide retailers with a special variant cover that they can sell, use as a giveaway, or whatever else they choose, though only select retailers will receive this benefit.

The first of these variants will be a sketch variant of the Todd McFarlane cover for Venom #1, which will arrive in stores November 23. The McFarlane cover is a recolored version of an image taken from a panel of 1988's Amazing Spider-Man #299. This will be followed by a variant for Ghost Rider #1 by artist Danilo Beyruth.

“Our retail partners work hard day in and day out to bring Marvel Comics to the masses," Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel told ICv2. “So to say thank you to them for a successful first month of "Marvel NOW!," we’re sending some of our top retail accounts a copy of an exclusive unannounced Ghost Rider #1 variant cover free of charge. We’re excited for what the next few months of "Marvel NOW!" will bring and we’ve got some great stuff cooking for 2017 that will keep fans coming back to their stores week after week.”
Credit: Marvel Comics
“Our goal with this program is two-fold,” Gabriel explained.  “Overall we want to get people reading more Marvel Comics, and that starts with getting more copies into more hands. The second part is we want to give our retailers more tools they can use to make more money, keep people coming into their stores, and move their inventory. So we’re offering them free copies of select Marvel titles on a regular basis to sell, give away or incentivize customer about other sales, etc. However they want to use them. We feel this is the best & simplest way to get more copies of books into retailers and customers hands.”

This comes just as October 2016 comic book sales figures have been released, showing Marvel had reclaimed the top publisher spot among North American comic stores.

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