Expand Your Mind With THE ELECTRIC SUBLIME #2

The Electric Sublime #2

Challenge your perceptions and open your mind to this preview of The Electric Sublime #2, on shelves November 16.

The Electric Sublime #2 (of 4)
W. Maxwell Prince (w) • Martin Morazzo (a & c)
“There are a million ways of seeing…" Trapped Inside the Mona Lisa with Manny and Arthur, Margot learns the impossible rules of The Electric Sublime.  Meanwhile, a mass suicide raises questions about the connection between art, the men in white, and the winking ideogram. This year’s most topsy turvy series continues in an issue full of blood, sweat, and paint splatter.  
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Bullet points:
·      From the writer of Judas: The Last Days (IDW) and the artist of Great Pacific and Snowfall (Image)!
·      The X-Files meets Alice in Wonderland, by way of The Da Vinci Code!

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