SDCC Aiming for New San Francisco Convention

Storytelling Across Media
Credit: Comic-Con International

Comic-Con International (CCI) has plans to launch a new comic convention in San Francisco, according to The Beat. CCI currently owns and operates both Comic-Con International: San Diego and WonderCon, with the latter event behing held in the Bay area from 1987 to 2011 before moving to Anaheim/Los Angeles.

On November 5, CCI orgnized a one-day symposium titled "Storytelling Across Media" as part of the San Francisco Comics Fest.

“Our hope is that we can return to the Bay Area if not with WonderCon than perhaps with another convention,” said David Glanzer, CCI's Director of Marketing and Public Relations.  “SAM, Storytelling Across Media, is our first foray in that direction.”

In marketing materials, CCI uses the name "San Francisco Comic-Con" - a name it has previously trademarked. A similiarly-named San Francisco Comic Con (note the lack of a hyphen) is scheduled for September 2017, and is owned and operated by another company, Imaginarium.

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