FLASH Director's Exit 'Very Upsetting' For IRIS WEST Actress

Kiersey Clemons in 'Neighbors 2'
Kiersey Clemons in 'Neighbors 2'

Actress Kiersey Clemons was cast as Iris West by Rick Famuyiwa while he was still on board as director of DC's The Flash movie, but even though the director, with whom Clemens has a longstanding working relationship, has departed, Clemons will stay on with the project.

"Rick was one of the main reasons I wanted to do the movie, so him not being a part of it is obviously very upsetting to me," Clemons told The Hollywood Reporter. "All I can do is give it up to the gods. Let's see what happens. Let's see who's going to jump in."

"Ezra [Miller] and I are going to do what we promised to do from the beginning," Clemons continued. "No matter who the director is, I am going to do what I think Iris should be."  

Clemons has reportedly already filmed a cameo as Iris West in Justice League.

Flash is scheduled for a March 16, 2018 release, though that date could reportedly change based on the search for a director.

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