Report: Liefeld's AVENGELYNE Picked Up For Movie By Paramount

"Avengelyne" cover
Credit: Rob Liefeld

A big-screen adaptation of Rob Liefeld and Cathy Christian's Avengelyne is in development with Paramount Pictures, reports Deadline. Originally published by Liefeld's Maximum Press in 1995, this live-action version is said to be described as "John Wick with a fallen angel." Long-time genre screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is reportedly attached as producer, with the option towards directing.

In 2013, Liefeld said he and actress/MMA fighter Gina Carano were developing an Avengelyne movie. Carano eventually went on to appear in Deadpool.

Liefeld sold the Avengelyne film rights for a reported "mid against high six figures." There's no word on the involvement of the property's co-creator, Cathy Christian. Christian was a popular Vampirella model in the 1990s, leading Liefeld to co-create Avengelyne with her and base the character on her visually.

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