Oliver Nome Begins Hospice Care

Page from "Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost"
Credit: Oliver Nome (DC Comics)
Credit: Oliver Nome

Artist Oliver "Ollie" Nome has been battling brain cancer, and has decided to begin hospice care as noted in a post on social media. Best known for his work on Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost and various Aspen Comics projects, the artist has been battling Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM), Stage Four terminal cancer since his initial diagnosis in May 2012.

Here is Nome's message, posted with permission from the artist:

Health Update: Hello friends I'm so sorry, but I've got bad news..As of this past Thursday, I started at home hospice care, my tumor has grown quite alot and after the last disastrous crainiotomy, which almost killed me and left my left side crippled I made the decision not to go through with another awake surgery which is hell and does hurt like hell, from the 9 different shots of painkillers throughout myface,skull and worse ,back of head neck/spine,and the super painful recovery. I just can't do it again.My life is art and drawing (friends and family first and I'm unable to do art at all. I had my mind set on Death with Dignity but I don't like the fact of knowing date and time of my death.

Until I pass, I'll be constantly with my closest friends and when my mom returns next week, she'll bring my estranged sister, who I've forgiven along time ago, just too stubborn too see or talk to. Please know I'll lass surrounded by my closest friends and family...ugh, I'm crying now..

Please know I had a very comfortable life and the greatest part is my amazing friends, family and fans!I love you all sooo much!

Big thank you to my family membersJulie Mossa, Michael Escobedo, Alé Garza, Elizabeth Garza, Carlos D'Anda, Andreas VonLuvinbalz, Sebastian Skinner, and Dustin Stall for taking care of me, taking man's being with me for countless Dr's appts, mris etc. I've said before my biggest blessing in my life are my loved ones. I cry for my loved ones, not myself . I'm not scared, I just want everyone to be ok and thrive!

I'll give one of my best buds Alé Garza all my remaining art and want half the sales to go to his and Liz's baby boy lil Gus and the rest to CBLDF and to a Veteran's fund. I'll be cremated with half my ashes sprinkled out at Sunset Cliffs and the rest, my Mom will take to Korea. Hopefully I can hold on long enough for [Rogue One: A Star Wars Story], I'll def be seeing [Doctor Strange] this week! This isn't my last post, just had to share the bad news. Love you all and we'll speak soon.

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