THE FLASH #9 Teases Return Of [Redacted] SPOILERS

"The Flash #9" excerpt
Credit: Jorge Corona (DC Comics)
Credit: Carmine Di Giandomenico (DC Comics)

Spoilers for The Flash #9.

One absent Flash - Wally West - returned to kick-off DC's "Rebirth" era, and now with this week's The Flash #9 another - Jay Garrick - could be on his way. Is he... and could he bring the Justice Society with him?

On the final page of Flash #9, the helmet associated with former Flash character Jay Garrick showed up. Barry said that he saw the helmet when he was in the Speed Force. "I had one last vision… and I saw something in the Speed Force I don't think I was supposed to see," Barry says. "I don't know what it was but… it filled me with hope."

Credit: Jorge Corona (DC Comics)

In The Flash writer Josh Williamson's interview with Newsarama this week, the writer teased a moment in this week's The Flash #9 that will "make people happy." That would certainly fit the bill.

The Flash #9 was advertised as the issue where the original Wally West met the new Wally West, which the story delivered. The two characters were helping Barry restore a bridge that had collapsed when suddenly Barry had a vision — filled with what presumably are scenes from upcoming stories in The Flash, including images of Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold.

Barry, who started angrily acting out of character, started saying awful things to the two Wallys, including telling young Wally about the secret that his dad was Daniel West/Reverse-Flash.

Credit: Jorge Corona (DC Comics)


But during Barry's outburst, he began to disappear. "I've seen this before," Wally said. "I was lost in the Speed Force and couldn't find a connection to the real world."

The two Wallys pull Barry back from being lost in the Speed Force, and Barry reveals that the mean things he was saying weren't actually him speaking. "It felt like I lost my heart, like it was taken away," Barry said.

Young Wally, who's upset about the revelation that his father was a supervillain, runs away, and older Wally finds him and gives him some great advice. The two share some pretty insightful moments, comparing their pasts and bonding over some similar feelings about their youth.

Credit: Dave Johnson (DC Comics)

In the conversation, young Wally says that he knows the Flash's secret identity - something Barry has been hiding from him.

Older Wally also warns the younger Kid Flash that one day, he'll challenge Barry to a race.

"And he's going to let you win. It's just who the Flash is. Don't let him," Wally says. "You learn to beat him fair and square, okay? It'll be worth it. Trust me."

Later, Barry and the older Wally are together, talking and walking. Wally says he came to Central City to tell Barry about what happened with Abra Kadabra (see the Titans story where the villain attacks Wally and drops a few hints about "Rebirth," claiming responsibility for making the world forget about Wally).

Credit: Jorge Corona (DC Comics)

Wally reveals that he's been sending flowers to Iris. Barry encourages him to see her and talk to her, but Wally wants to keep his distance until they "find out who is behind the missing years…who has been manipulating" them and why.

Although the two discuss how Abra Kadabra made the world forget the original Wally, Barry states in this issue that Abra Kadabra is not the "thing that changed history."

"Whoever stole time from the world isn't done with us yet," Barry says. He believes there's hope, because of the helmet he saw in the Speed Force and because the original Wally did return, even though the "mysterious manipulator didn't want you to."

It should be noted that Williamson told Newsarama that this issue teased "stuff that's going to be going on in other books that haven't been announced yet."

Readers already know that the Justice Society of America is going to return in some form, if DC Universe: Rebirth's hints are accurate.

So now that Jay Garrick's helmet has been shown in The Flash #9, with that character being a member of the JSA in previous continuties, is it possible one of the books that "haven't been announced yet" (to which Williamson is referring) is a Justice Society book?

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