Best Shots Advance Reviews: HASBRO's Newest Captain America Wave Is Best Yet

Marvel Legends figure
Credit: Hasbro

Hasbro’s newest Captain America Legends wave has a slice of something for everyone this time around. There’s some MCU goodness in here, as well as obscure F-list villains, classic Avengers, and brand-new costumes for Captain America that has never been brought to life, so to speak, in 6 inch glory.

Newsarama takes a look at this wave, including the Abomination Build-A-Figure that is one of the best we’ve seen.

Credit: Hasbro

First, let’s have a look at the man himself, Captain America in his Secret War costume.

Captain America:

With the wave being named after the man, it’s obvious you’d get a Captain America figure in the line, but what could Hasbro do next? There was already some pretty deep cuts with the fan-favorite Cap Wolf, and the MCU version, so they went to the comics and went with his costume from Secret War.

Though the Secret Wave event from a few years back wasn’t exactly a game-changer, they really made his design shine. It feels totally fresh from what we’ve seen in the past, it’s almost like a brand new character entirely. The metallic blue paint meshes well with the subtle dark reds and grey. The belt, which is an entirely new sculpt debuting on his figure, is an awesome combo breaker from what we’ve seen before and adds a distinctive look to old Cap here. It’s unclear if anybody was really asking for this design, but they delivered anyways.

Hasbro really outdid themselves with the rotating shield and “throwing wave” accessory. For the first time ever, they actually made a shield swoosh effect accessory. The piece attaches to Cap’s open hand, but you can also attach the shield on his back or arm like normal, but this is too cool to not utilize.

Credit: Hasbro

The sculpt itself is top notch and he can stand by himself without much or any aid. Everything you would want out of a figure is here and boy do you want this one.

‘Rama Rating: 9 out 10

Credit: Hasbro

Captain Britain:

It’s interesting they would put another Captain into this line, but here we are. Captain Britain himself! Here’s the thing about this figure: it’s the weakest of the line-up due to no accessories or even a change of hands giving collectors posing options. However, it’s one of the very best paint jobs you’ll find at this scale.

What would have been interesting is if they went with the original Captain Britain design and included his staff or mace. Now, they did make that design for the Marvel Infinite line a while back, but upgrading to this scale would have been a nice variety to balance out the new and the really classic. As is though, there’s nothing really to talk about aside from just how great it looks. It just feels incomplete. They went with one of the more modern designs, but had they made a variant of either his classic or even his Excalibur garb, that could have been the showstopper.

He’s a beefier sculpt than the rest and stands out as a true powerhouse and maybe we’ll see something extra down the line.

‘Rama Rating: 5 out of 10

The Eel:

Boy, this is an odd one. It’s great fun when more obscure villains get figures, and the Eel is a classic “crowd-scene” type – the kind of villain who appears with a bunch of others in a team-up, or randomly robbing a bank before he gets busted by a hero.

This takes the more recent Eel, which is disappointing – the original’s Two-Face/Deathstroke-like bisected mask was a cooler look. But these are nice bright purple and blue colors, he looks like he should be printed on a 1989 beach T-shirt.

Credit: Hasbro

Some basic weaknesses are present with the figure, though – the ab crunch and torso don’t quite match up size-wise, so there’s some daylight visible through his chest. His joints are all purple, which occasionally disrupt the blue in the color scheme. There’s also some excessive tightness in the thighs, and the shoulders are a bit smaller the torso. Some nice transluscent casting on the alternative electric-power hands (an increasingly popular accessory), though it’s odd the electricity is a yellow color – Electro’s figure had it in blue, which would match up with the Eel’s color scheme. Purple lightning might have been fun as well.

Overall; average figure, better to get at a discount price than off the rack, but like the character that inspired it, good for crowd scenes. With the Eel following Cottonmouth a few months back, this implies a Serpent Squad/Society sub-line, which is very exciting! Even if eels aren’t actually snakes.

‘Rama Rating: 6/10 (an extra point for being so obscure)


Credit: Hasbro

Wonder Man:

Turncoat turned Avenger, Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man, was a cornerstone for the Avengers roster, but despite his longevity in the comic books his number of figures produced can be counted on one hand.

There hasn’t been a modern day Wonder Man design yet and Hasbro remedied that. The paint job here is immaculate, which showcases his piercing red eyes and the faintest bit of blue in his black hair, which reflects his appearances in the comics. The armbands are painted on instead of sculpted, which gives it a more natural look.

The coolest thing about Wonder Man here is how they display his power set. He comes with a change of hands, a set that is a translucent purple and energy bands, identical to the ones they gave Havok in the X-Men wave earlier this year, but in his trademark purple color. They went with a pretty stoic expression for him, but somebody with his abilities, it would have been great if they added an expression that he was in the midst of using his powers. The bands are a tad flimsy though, but if you position his hands just right it looks great. If not, they sort of just dangle off of his hands.

‘Rama Rating: 8 out of 10

Credit: Hasbro

Iron Skull:

An oddball variation on the classic “don’t say he’s a Nazi in tie-in materials!” villain, taken from more recent comics where he’s stolen some Iron Man armor. In other words, it’s a repainted Iron Man figure with an extra Red Skull head.

However, it does what it does quite well. The black-and-red paint job is applied nicely, with the red lines bringing out extra detail in the sculpt. There’s one outstretched repulsor-ray hand and one clenched fist, which is annoying – one full set of each would have been better. There’s also some limited shoulder articulation due to the armor plates, a typical thing for Iron Man figures.

The Red Skull head, however, is excellent. There’s the slightly exaggerated proportions (i.e. a big brow where eyebrows should be) and a nicely sour scowl on the Skull’s, uh, face. It’s a good dark shade of blood-red, with a nice dark wash to bring out the creepy skull-cracks and crevices. The Iron Skull helmet-head also works nicely, with cold all-white eyes and a stark skull design.

In all, this figure is better than it should be. It works on its own, and you can always put the Red Skull head on other figures for all kinds of customizing madness, or even use the Iron Skull-helmeted version to give him an army of Cyber-Nazis, uh, Hydra agents.

‘Rama Rating: 7/10

Credit: Hasbro

Scarlet Witch (MCU):

Hasbro has been really good about sprinkling in some MCU figures in their lines as of late, especially with the Captain America waves. We’ve already seen MCU Cap, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, and the Build-A-Figure Giant-Man, and the newest Doctor Strange line-up, so it was about time that Wanda got her own figure in the style of Elizabeth Olsen. There’s a lot going on in this figure and they went all out here. Starting at the top with Olsen’s likeness. The designers and sculptors did a wondrous job capturing Olsen’s visage, much like how they managed to nail down Chadwick Boseman’s.

The sculpt of the corset/jacket is beyond stellar, but hinders her movement slightly, but that’s the price you pay for a design like this. Appearance vs. functionality, and that’s perfectly alright here. Her lower half doesn’t have any articulation issues and makes up for what she can’t do up top.

Scarlet Witch comes with two glowing fireballs that you can place over her hands to give the effect of using her powers. They fit awkwardly however and it takes some practice to get that look just right. Hasbro should have given Wanda additional hands instead that were “on figure” or at least some sort of translucent red instead for a sharper look though.

‘Rama Rating: 7 out of 10


Abomination Build-A-Figure:

Interestingly, there’s two versions of this figure out – the Build-A-Figure version that you can assemble with this wave, and a repainted version from the Raft playset sold at Comic-Con International: San Diego and Fan Expo Canada. We don’t have our hands on that version, though for comparison, we have the previous Marvel Legends Abomination from years back, and the very large, very heavy Marvel Select Abomination.

Credit: Hasbro

Enough of these and one can have their own army of gamma-irradiated mutants, or perhaps get some toy-sized jug-band paraphernalia and form “Th’ Hillbilly ‘Bom’nation Boys o’ Gamma-Gultch Crick.” We’re waiting for our check, Marvel.

Medication-necessitating ideas aside, there’s a clear line of comparison between these three variations on the classic Hulk-foe look. The Build-A-Figure Abomination is slightly shorter than the original Marvel Legends version, but adapts the more lizard-like style of the Marvel Select version. Articulation-wise, it also falls in the middle – it lacks the jointed fists and toes of the Marvel Legends version, but is far more articulated than the virtual hunk of plastic that is the Marvel Select version (though, in fairness, that version doesn’t really need to move much to look fierce).  The Build-A-Figure version has a few bits of articulation not found in the others, such as an ab crunch and good articulation at the hips for all those Hulk-type jumps. There’s slightly more articulation in the neck, though its rubbery head does pop off on occasion. Its tights-bulge is also, um, less pronounced than the Marvel Select, but not as flat as the first Marvel Legends, and…we don’t know why we focused on this detail either.

In all – this Abomination figure could be bigger, but it holds its own with its plastic relations, and it’s a good, monstrous villain for the BAF of this wave.

‘Rama Rating: 8/10

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