X-23 Confirmed In LOGAN

Still from "Logan"
Credit: 20th Century Fox

On Logan director James Mangold's WponX Instagram account, he has posted a photo of actress Dafne Keen, who appears in the film as a young girl Wolverine is charged to protect, with a caption simply calling her "Laura."



A photo posted by @wponx on

This confirms that Keen's character is at least partially based on Laura Kinney/X-23, a genetic clone of Wolverine with many of his powers, and current bearer of the Wolverine name and costume in comic books.

Mangold previously refused to comment on whether Keen's character was indeed X-23, telling Empire “I’m not here today to confirm or deny anything. I think it’s great that everyone’s speculating and I think it reveals how smart the audience is, many of the fans, about these characters. I don’t think they’re on the wrong track.”

Logan is currently in production for a March 3, 2017 theatrical release.

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