Remembering Steve Dillon

Steve Dillon
Credit: New York Comic Con

In the wake of famed artist Steve Dillon's passing, many of his friends and creative partners have bbeen offering remembrances of the Preacher co-creator, illustrating the impact he had on the modern comic industry.

Vertigo, the publisher that released Preacher, which Dillon co-created with Garth Ennis and illustrated, tweeted that Dillon was "a giant among creators, who will be missed by us all here at DC and Vertigo."

Vertigo group editor Marie Javins offered a longer statement on Facebook, saying "His name, along with writer Garth Ennis, is practically synonymous with Preacher, but I know him as a lovable wisecracker who enjoyed New York, and could always be depended on to deliver a sly remark. Steve had a great sense of humor; it's fitting his last work for DC was a cover of a tin foil Dogwelder."

Seth Rogen, the comedian and filmmaker who co-created the Preacher TV show tweeted that he was "devastated by the loss of Steve Dillon," calling him his "favorite comic artist who drew my favorite comics."

Meanwhile AMC, the show's network, said “Steve Dillon was an enormously talented illustrator who, with Garth Ennis, created a cult classic comic we were so proud to bring to television with Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Sam Catlin and our partners at Sony. He will be missed.”

Finally, Marvel Comics, home of some of Dillon's most recent work as the ongoing artist of Punishertweeted "Marvel is saddened by the passing of Steve Dillon, a great storyteller. We offer condolences to his family and remember his incredible work."

Dillon passed away over the weekend at the age of 54 in New York City, where he remained after a trip to New York Comic Con in early October.

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