X-MEN Blue & Gold Back In Two New 2017 Ongoing Titles - With Softball Games

X-Men: Primary Colors
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Two more new X-Men related ongoing titles have been announced as part of ResurrXion: X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold. Evoking the color-themed teams of the early 1990s Chris Claremont/Jim Lee/Whilce Portacio era of the mutant books, it's unclear if the throwback nature of the names will be carried through to the stories and the team line-ups.

"Without spoiling too much about the ending of Inhumans vs. X-Men, the X-Men have been living with a cloud hanging over their heads—literally. The current roster of X-Men titles has been defined by this pervading sense of doom, the fact that mutantkind is on the brink. Well, one way or another, the impending threat of extinction subsides, and this is the story of what happens next," said editor Daniel Ketchum. "The X-Men have a future. Now what are they going to do with it?"

Fellow editor Mark Paniccia described these two new X-Men books as the "quentessential X-Men team books" of old.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"These are the return to the quintessential X-Men team books. Rosters you’re going to love. The kinds of stories we all grew up on," said editor Mark Panicia. "You’re going to dig them and maybe even feel a little competition between the books, trying to outdo each other. If I do my job right, there will be readers who are Team Blue or Team Gold. Don’t get me wrong. You’ll enjoy both but you will have a home team."

"Let’s not skip over the fact that we titled these books X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold!" added Ketchum. "From the top down, we conceptualized these series as our love letters to the characters and stories that made us the stalwart X-Men fans we are today. Both books boast all-star lineups and the adventures they embark upon are fitting of their statures. These are the classic heavy-hitter X-Men, doing what they do best."

Credit: Jim Lee

The original blue and gold X-Men teams launched in 1991 when X-Men branched out from the long-running Uncanny X-Men title. The X-Men's blue team consisted of Beast, Cyclops, Wolverine, Psylocke, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, and Revanche. The Uncanny X-Men's gold team were Storm, Jean Grey, Archangel, Iceman, Colossus, Forge, and Bishop. The two teams operated in the-color coded designation until a shake-up in 1995's X-Men #41.

"Extinction is no longer staring them in the face, so the X-Men can exhale and turn their attention back to doing what’s defined them since the beginning: Protecting a world that hates and fears them," said Ketchum. "These new titles won’t cast the X-Men as members of a species fighting for their survival but rather as big, bright, colorful super heroes who want to demonstrate to the world that they want to walk with them hand-in-hand into the future. They’ll have costumes with capes, a school, and softball games. Oh, there will be softball games. The goal is to tell exciting new X-Men stories while keeping an eye on the tropes and touchstones that longtime X-Men fans cherish."

Credit: Marvel Comics

Described as a regrouping of the X-Line by Marvel, the various new X-titles will be edited by Mark Paniccia and Daniel Ketchum. The publisher doesn't state which, if any, of the current X-titles will continue into this new wave of books.

Marvel hasn't announced any creators for these books, or specific launch dates.

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