Harbinger Wars II teaser
Credit: Valiant Comics
Credit: Valiant Comics

Valiant has unveiled the secret behind their upcoming title Harbinger Renegade, which introduces the villain the company calls "Valiant's next major adversary," Alexander Solomon - and which will lead directly to a new event entitled Harbinger Wars II.

Harbinger has always been a franchise defined as much by its villains as by its heroes, and Harbinger Renegade is taking that original mission to a terrifying and captivating new place,” said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “As much as this story belongs to Kris, Pete, Faith, Torque and the rest of Harbinger’s beloved heroes, it will also be told in equal service to Alexander Solomon – a new counterpoint to the team’s place in the Valiant Universe and an adversary that will utterly redefine their future. What happens in the opening issues of Harbinger Renedage will shape the next two years and beyond of Valiant storytelling as the forces and fractures behind Harbinger Wars II build toward an epic culmination unlike anything we’ve seen or attempted before.”

Harbinger Renegade #1 hits shelves November 16 with an oversized 40 page issue from writer Rafer Roberts and artists Darick Robertson, Raul Allen, and Jose Allen Ryp. No further details about Harbinger Wars II have been announced.

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