DOCTOR STRANGE Took Its Sci-Fi Cues From RICK & MORTY Creator

"Doctor Strange" still
Credit: Marvel Studios

Rick & Morty creator Dan Harmon's exact role in Marvel's Doctor Strange has been revealed by studio president Kevin Feige.

"We’re fans of his cartoon Rick & Morty, which is about, of course, humor," Kevin Feige told Yahoo! Movies. "But I would argue that any given episode of that show has an unbelievably amazing sci-fi concept that could be its own movie. So really, we just wanted him to watch the movie, and talk to us about it, and give us his opinions on the Sci-Fi concepts. That was as important to us."

Rick & Morty has dealt extensively with alternate realities, a concept at the heart of Doctor Strange. Likewise, Harmon's previous show, Community, also prominently featured storylines that revolved around alternate realities and dimensions.

Doctor Strange is due out in theaters November 4.

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