The CIVIL WAR II Scorecard: Who Died, Who Lived, Who Paid The Price (So Far)

Page from 'Civil War II #1'
Page from 'Civil War II #1'
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Back at the onset of Civil War II we put our heads together, consulted the precognitive Inhuman Ulysses, and made some big predictions about which characters would die or suffer consequences in the course of the event.

And let’s just say you might want us to pick your next set of lotto numbers, because not only did Civil War II kick off by killing and maiming two of our predictions, as the event has rolled on, five of the six characters we singled out have died, almost died, been presumed dead, or had their death predicted in the course of the event.

Here’s how it all shakes out -- SPOILERS AHEAD:

Steve Rogers - Original odds: 1,000,000:1  Current status: Alive… For now

Steve Rogers may be alive and kicking – and the solicitations through January make it seem like he’ll stay that way. Even still, he hasn’t come out unscathed. Not only is he currently an agent of HYDRA, he’s also indirectly responsible for the death of another character on this list, and his own death was actually predicted by Ulysses in Civil War II #5. And then there’s the matter of “Zero Day/the death of Captain America” referenced in the solicitation for U.S.Avengers #2. In other words, there’s still time…

Page from 'Civil War II #5'
Page from 'Civil War II #5'
Credit: Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel - Original odds: 500:1  Current status: Alive

Captain Marvel is the least damaged character going into the finale of Civil War II (unless you count her relationships). And judging by this week’s Infamous Iron Man #1 and the solicitations for January, she’s liable to walk out of the fight unharmed. But will she be the one responsible for Tony Stark’s final fate?

Credit: Alex Maleev (Marvel Comics)

Tony Stark - Original odds: 100:1  Current status: Presumed dead

The cat may be out of the bag on Tony Stark’s fate. This week’s Infamous Iron Man #1 has Doctor Doom taking over as Iron Man for the absent Stark, whose death isn’t spelled out, but alluded to in no uncertain terms. The major implication is that Stark died, or is believed to have died, in the wrap-up of Civil War II. Or at least his body is. His mind is still technically alive as a hologram in his own lab while his “bodily functions have failed.” Still, the question of how this all happens remains to be answered.

James Rhodes - Original odds: 50:1  Current status: Dead as a doornail

Poor old Rhodey died all the way back in Civil War II #1, and from the looks of things, he’s gonna stay that way for the foreseeable future. And Rhodey isn’t the only one who didn’t walk away from that issue.

Bruce Banner - Original odds: 10:1  Current status: All the way dead

Bruce Banner met his fate in Civil War II #3, killed at the hands of his fellow Avenger Hawkeye with a special arrow designed to take him down if he ever Hulked out again. Hawkeye was acquitted of Banner’s killing, which was ruled to be justified, but there’s a far more sinister element to Banner’s fate – it was all a manipulation by Steve Rogers working to hide his secret status as a Hydra agent. Civil War II has not been kind to anyone.

Credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)

She-Hulk - Original odds: 5:1  Current status: Alive – but just barely

Jennifer Walters was a casualty of Civil War II #1’s fight against Thanos just like War Machine. But unlike Rhodey, She-Hulk managed to walk away – eventually. Her fate was up in the air for a little while, and the end of that issue sure made it seem like she was going to die. However, her actual fate may be somewhat worse, as she’s no longer in control of her Hulk persona, suffering from rage-fueled Hulk-outs like her ill-fated cousin, Banner.

So there you have it. Civil War II has shaped up to be a way for Marvel to continue to clean house, carrying on its mission of diversifying its line by shuffling out older versions of its heroes for newer characters that better reflect what Marvel calls “the world outside your window.” It’s all leading to the Marvel Universe’s new “Divided We Stand” status quo, in which Marvel’s heroes are at odds, seemingly along generational lines.

But sure as we got these right, you can also bet most - if not all of these characters - will be back in action eventually.

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