QUARTERLY COMICS Brings Comics To Your Mailbox – With Limited Edition Prints

"Shutter: Wanderlost" cover by Leila del Duca
Credit: Leila del Duca

Finding your new favorite comic book is all about recommendations - from friends, family, critics, authors, and websites like Newsarama. Now, a new outfit is looking to do it four times a year, with a limited edition print from the book’s artist to boot.

Quarterly Comics is a new Loot Crate-style outfit launching this week, offering curated graphic novels at cover price with free limited edition postcard prints. This digital shop is being done by Vincent Iadevaia, in partnership with his local comic book shop, New York City’s Mysterious Time Machine.

“Each quarter, we'll offer a graphic novel and package it along with a limited edition 4x6 postcard print from that graphic novel's artist. The book sells for cover price and the print is a free addition,” said Iadevaia. “This quarter, we have Shutter, Vol. 1: Wanderlost along with a print created by the book’s artist, the incredibly talented Leila del Duca.”

Credit: Quarterly Comics / Image Comics

The print is an illustration of Shutter’s Kate Kristopher, signed, numbered, and limited to 50.

“We carefully package up the book with the print and ship them out via USPS media mail to save our customers a few bucks,” said Iadevaia. “If you live in New York, you can also pick it up in-store at Mysterious Time Machine in the West Village.”

Iadevaia chooses the graphic novels himself, and contacts the creators to work out a way to do the prints.

“This is a passion project of mine so I’m curating the graphic novels we’re offering each quarter. I’m hoping to give readers a wide breadth of books in the medium and expose them to some of my favorite creators.”

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