A-FORCE Writer Confirms End, Pens Farewell Letter

"A-Force" panel by Ben Caldwell
Credit: Ben Caldwell (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Updated October 21, 2016: A letter from writer Kelly Thompson in this week's A-Force #10 confirms that the series has come to an end. Thompson's statement is presented in full to the right.

Original Story: With no new issue solicited after this week's A-Force #10, the current volume of the female-fronted team book is seemingly effectively cancelled. No new A-Force issue is solicited for November, December, or January, and a trade collecting issues #5 through #10 - inferring the end of a story-arc - is scheduled for December. Newsarama was unable to reach Marvel for comment to confirm the cancellation.

Could there still be future for the title, however? In May 2015, series writer Kelly Thompson told Newsarama at that time that there were more A-Force issues planned after #10 - beginning with the introduction of an unspecified "A-Lister."

"And the arc following Civil War II has a truly exciting A-lister joining the team temporarily. Someone I’ve wanted to write for a long long time," said Thompson. "That super cool A-Lister will be showing up for what I hope will be sort of an unexpected adventure for our team."

Credit: Marvel Comics

According to North American direct market sales figures (as extrapolated by ICv2 from Diamond's released numbers), May 2015's A-Force #1 earned roughly 114,528 single issue sales while September 2016's A-Force #9 had 23,484 - roughly a 79% drop in initial comic book sales. The book went through several creative changes in its 17-month and two-volume run, with three writers and four artists in the 14 issues released so far.

Originally announced in February 2015 for Marvel's Secret Wars line of titles, A-Force was considered the flagship of the company's broader initiative to have female characters at the forefront of its books. Six volumes of a companion A-Force Presents graphic novel anthology were released, collecting previous stories from solo titles such as Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and The Mighty Thor.

This week's final issue of A-Force comes just two weeks after the launch of Marvel's newest marque title, Champions.

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