Marvel Comics January 2017 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The first two tie-in one-shots connected to Marvel's round-robin 2017 event title Monsters Unleashed have been revealed. Avengers and Spider-Man/Deadpool will have special one-off issues numbered as "#1.MU" in January, done by guest creative teams of Jim Zub & Sean Izaakse and Joshua Corin & Tigh Walker, respectively.

Monsters Unleashed is rampaging across the Marvel Universe and a select few of your favorite titles this January,” said David Gabriel, Marvel's Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Eight oversized .MU one-shots that add even more over-the-top widescreen action than the main Monsters Unleashed series can contain. Who doesn’t want to see the Avengers, Spider-Man and Deadpool throw down with some giant monsters?”

Credit: Marvel Comics

The story of Spider-Man/Deadpool #1.MU is described as "Marvel’s resident odd couple comes face-to-face(-to face?) with one of the hundreds of giant behemoths smashing and stomping their way across the Marvel Universe! Spider-Man swings into action, but what can one wallcrawler do against just one of these massive monstrosities? Thankfully he has Deadpool backing him up! Just kidding, Deadpool is going to be about as helpful as he usually is."

Avengers #1.MU promises "a team of some of the strongest characters around" against the monster invasion.

Look for more details on the other six "oversized .MU one-shots" today at noon EST when Marvel's full January 2017 solicitations are unveiled.

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