Valiant's NINJAK Entering 'Seven Blades Of MASTER DARQUE'

"Ninjak #23" cover
Credit: Ryan Bodenheim (Valiant Entertainment)
Credit: Ryan Lee (Valiant Entertainment)

Valiant Entertainment's Ninjak is channeling some classic Shaw Bros.' style kung fu beginning in January with "The Seven Blades of Master Darque." Series writer Matt Kindt is joined by artist Marc Laming for a four-issue arc pitting the MI-6 super-spy against the puppetmaster behind all of his troubles since the series began, Master Darque.

Credit: Ben Templesmith (Valiant Entertainment)

"I'm incredibly excited about the revelations we have in store for 'The Seven Blades of Master Darque.' This is a story we've been building towards right from Ninjak's first issue,” said Warren Simons, Valiant's Editor-In-Chief. "From the truth of Ninjak’s training and origin to the final revelation about the Shadow Seven’s secret final members, Matt and Marc are about to unleash some major, game-changing ramifications that are going to leave jaws dropped.”

Ninjak #23 is scheduled to debut January 11. Look for Valiant's full January 2017 solicitations later today on Newsarama.

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