ELLIS Reveals 2-Year Plan For WILDSTORM Revival

"The Wild Storm" mock-up cover
Credit: Jon Davis-Hunt / Steve Cook (DC Comics)
Credit: Jon Davis-Hunt / Steve Cook (DC Comics)

In his weekly e-mail newsletter Orbital Operations, Warren Ellis has elaborated on the WildStorm pop-up imprint DC announced at New York Comic Con. The writer, who worked extensively on the WildStorm line in the late 1990s and early 2000s, described his decision to oversee the new WildStorm imprint as a change in the way he approaches work.

"I never look back. I very, very rarely return to things I've previously done," said Ellis. "I'd been thinking about that over the last winter - what you don't know, of course, is that I agreed to this job on February 1, after a long phone conversation with Jim Lee -- and when this came up, not long after new year, it tied right into what I'd been thinking about during December.  One of those weird synchronicities."

"I don't return to old grounds too much. I don't look back. I started asking myself if that had become dogmatic. Binary thinking," the writer continued. "And then this popped up, and I thought, well, here's a way to test the hypothesis."

Originally created in 1992 as an outgrowth of his Image Comics launch title Wildc.a.t.s., Wildstorm is, as Ellis puts it, "a weird mix of all the stuff Jim and his frends loved. And the things in that mix that gave the line its energy back then have all come back to apply to today."

Ellis said that he has already written the first six issues of the flagship title The Wild Storm, with "roughly" the first two years of the line mapped out. The writer says he is contracted with DC for those full two years, but has "a notion of where the third year would go."

The writer also revealed that Marie Javins is one of the editors working with Ellis on the book.

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