LOVE & ROCKETS Gets Into Retailer Variant Game

"Love & Rockets #1" cover
Credit: Jaime Hernandez

This month's relaunch of Love & Rockets by the Hernandez Brothers is jumping into the retailer variant game, as Charlotte's Heroes Aren't Hard To Find have shared this cover they'll be selling exclusively next week.

According to Heroes' Creative Director (and freelance colorist) Rico Renzi, their Love & Rockets #1 retailer variant is the only one being done for the relunch. Only 1,000 copies of the variant were printed.

"We only do store variants when we really believe in a book and it's creators and Love & Rockets has stood the test of time," said Renzi. "Los Bros have blazed a path that many independent creators have followed and we are honored to have their first and only store variant cover for the relaunch of their series' return to magazine format!"

Here is the front and back of the retailer's variant:

Credit: Gilbert & Jaime Hernandez

This will be the fourth volume of Love & Rockets, returning to its magazine-size format.

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