Updated: 'All You Can Read' Comics App COMICBLITZ Back Online After Outage

ComicBlitz banner
Credit: ComicBlitz

Updated October 17, 2016: The 'all you can read' digital comics platform ComicBlitz came online again late Saturday after a nearly-36 hour outage. The company described it as a "defect from a maintenace run,"  and that it was a "one-time thing."

Original Story: The 'all you can read' digital comics platform ComicBlitz is experiencing an outage, which began late Thursday evening. No reason was given for the down-time, however ComicBlitz released a statement saying they are working on a repair.

"I am sorry to report that we are currently having some technical difficulties. We became aware of the problem late last night, and have been working through the night to make sure you can continue binge reading as soon as possible," said ComicBlitz's statement. "These things can happen from time to time, and we'll always do our best to make sure we get you your service back as quickly as possible, and remain as transparent as we can about what's going on, so you are always up to speed."

Launched one year ago this month, ComicBlitz is one of several Netflix-style digital comics platform to enter the market. Amazon's digital comics platform comiXology, comiXology Unlimited, launched in May.

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