Early Preview: RIRI WILLIAMS' Childhood Explored in INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1

Invincible Iron Man #1

TIME is showing off the first pages from next month's Invincible Iron Man #1, starring Riri Williams, and includes a new short interview with series writer Brian Bendis. 

In the new pages, readers are taken back to Riri’s early childhood when her parents first discover that she’s a “super genius" (smarter than Tony Stark, according to Bendis) and are told that they not only need to nurture her intelligence but ensure that she doesn’t become jaded with the world. 

“My wife and I always thought that was one of our jobs as parents. But then I discovered, through research, that it is a thing that gifted children need desperately,” Bendis tells TIME. “As we say in the story: high intellects, out of frustration, can sometimes retreat into their own world. This young woman has had that burden but she also has a grounded parent who helped her get to this point. But she also has had terrible tragedy that has informed her more than anything.”

“Some of the intellectual characters at Marvel get to the point where they want to conquer the world and make it over in their own image,” he continued. “The fact that Riri, even after all she has been through, does not makes her mother the hero of this story. And we need to celebrate that kind of thing more anyhow.”

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