DOCTOR STRANGE Tracking For Up To $75 Million Opening

"Doctor Strange" still
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange is tracking as high as $75 million for its opening weekend box office, according to Deadline. However, their report places the estimate as being anywhere from $55-75 million - in other words, an unusually wide range for such a prediction.

A range of $20 million accounts for almost any possiblity - that Doctor Strange could do low-end Marvel numbers, a la Ant-Man, or, if receipts surpass its high-end opening estimate, which sits squarely at the middle of Marvel's opening weekend range, it could be considered a much larger success than anticipated.

On September 9, released an estimate as high as $88 million for Doctor Strange's opening weekend, but that was admittedly an early prediction. However, Deadline's report also says that their estimate is likely to rise as the release date approaches, so BoxOffice's numbers may be more prescient than premature.

Doctor Strange opens theatrically on November 4.

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