NEW YORK COMIC CON Sets Attendance Record, Releases 2017 Dates

New York Comic Con logo
New York Comic Con logo
Credit: ReedPop

This year's New York Comic Con, which took place last weekend, set an all time attendance record of over 180,000 based on the number of passes sold, according to Publisher's Weekly. This tops the previous year's record of 167,000 tickets sold.

Despite the large attendance, polling from pop culture analyst Rob Salkwoitz suggests that only 6% of fans attending NYCC are there for comic books, though ReedPOP, the proprietors of NYCC, dispute these numbers based on their own internal polls, with Senior VP Lance Fensterman saying “If its only 6%, a lot of people selling things here should be out of business.”

As for the future of NYCC, Fensterman is looking at Austin's SXSW festival as an inspiration. 

“There are ways in which we can mimic the SXSW model for our own geeky ways. I think that’s really what we want to work towards,” explained Fensterman. “I really think we can create a festival all over the city. The offsite venues all worked, and there are more venues we can move into and we can spread out and we will.”

NYCC will return in 2017 on October 5 through 8.

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