KUPPERMAN Chronicling His Famous Father, 1940s QUIZ KID

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Credit: Michael Kupperman

Cartoonist Michael Kupperman is working on a graphic memoir of his father Joel Kupperman, who rose to fame in the 1940s as the child prodigy "Quiz Kid." Titled All The Answers, the original graphic novel is scheduled to be published May 2018 by Gallery 13.

All The Answers is the real story of what it means to be a child prodigy, and also of what it means to be the child of a prodigy," said Kupperman. "It is a graphic memoir that addresses important American cultural themes that were a fundamental part of my father’s experience, including wartime propaganda and the history of early television."

The cartoonist's father, Joel J. Kupperman, became a household name in the 1940s for his mathmatical feats on the popular radio (and later television) show Quiz Kids. Kupperman even appeared as the Quiz Kid in the 1944 movie Chip off the Old Block.

"All The Answers is about immigrants struggling in America, about family secrets, about fathers and sons. It’s a personal history and a cultural history," said the cartoonist. "It delves into fame and anonymity, what it means to be special, and the idea of genius. It’s about identity."

Compared to Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, Kupperman's All The Answers covers both his father's past as well as his latter years suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's.

"All The Answers is the serious project I’ve been working towards my whole life.”


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