ASPEN COMICS January 2017 Solicitations

Aspen Comics January 2017 cover
Credit: Aspen Comics

David Wohl – Story / Giuseppe Cafaro – Art / Wes Hartman - Colors
Santeria: The Goddess Kiss returns!
From the creator of Executive Assistant: Iris, Legend of the Shadow Clan and Witchblade, and the artist of Fathom: Kiani comes a new tale spanning centuries, deep within the heart of the ancient civilizations of Africa…
As word spreads of Naomi’s newfound ability, she finds herself gaining notoriety on the streets. But, she soon begins to realize that this “gift” comes with a terrible price—and once you’ve been kissed by the Goddess, her magic can never be taken…except in death!
SANTERIA: THE GODDESS KISS #3 is in stores January 18th, 2017!
32 pages


Vince Hernandez – Story / Claudio Avella– Art / Erick Arciniega - Colors
An unlikely team of BLUE rise!
They have all come from beneath the surface, each for a different purpose. United in their exile from their homelands below, looking to blend in out of sight amongst humans, unaware of their true potential. However, one man, Admiral Maylander, who has spent the better part of his life hunting The Blue, is keenly aware of their presence--and he will stop at nothing to use these Blue as weapons against their own, even if it means killing them in the process!
The first all new Fathom series to make its debut since Michael Turner introduced you to his incredible underwater adventure over 18 years ago! Collecting together the entire first Fathom Blue series along with a complete cover gallery, this beautiful trade paperback is a must have for any Aspen or Fathom fan!
FATHOM BLUE Vol 1 TPB is in stores January 25th, 2017!
176 pages


JT Krul – Story / Alex Konat – Art / Federico Blee - Colors
The world of magic and technology have finally collided!
A new cast of characters has risen. Cassidy, a young high school student with a very big secret, will discover that magic is not only real-but will change her life forever in ways she never could've imagined. Meanwhile, Miya, the ancient warrior from the earliest days of the Soulfire Universe, has returned with a vengeance--and both of their paths will be inextricably united! Explore the world of Michael Turner’s Soulfire as you’ve never seen it before!
Brought to you by New York Times Best-Selling author J.T. Krul (DC’s Bloodlines, Jirni), with art by superstar artist Alex Konat (DC’s Gotham Gazette:Batman, Fathom), and colorist Federico Blee (Jirni), this thrilling new series in the Soulfire Universe is not to be missed!
ETERNAL SOULFIRE Vol 1 TPB is in stores January 25th, 2017!
176 pages

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