More on RICHARD RIDER's Return as NOVA

"Nova" art by Ramon Perez
Credit: Ramon Perez (Marvel Comics)

More details have been released on the December relaunch of Nova with Richard Rider joining Sam Alexander in the titular role.

During the "Spider-Man: Clone Conspiracy" panel at New York Comic Con, the publisher revealed four new pieces of art by series artist/co-writer Ramon Perez.

Credit: Ramon Perez (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ramon Perez (Marvel Comics)

At Comic-Con International: San Diego, Marvel first announced Rider would be returning - and earlier this month in the concluding Nova #11 he was revealed to be part of the Nova Worldmind.

However, there was a brief epilogue in which Richard arrives back at his home on Earth, greeted by his mother.

Credit: Ramon Perez (Marvel Comics)

It's unclear if he escaped the Worldmind, or the precise nature of his arrival. Given that he arrives in street clothes (as opposed to a Nova costume), he may or may not have his Nova power intact.

Saturday at the panel, Nova editor Devin Lewis said that Perez and Loveness are "something special" for December's new title.

"We went through some pretty painstaking conversations in the office to make sure bringing back Rich Rider felt right," said Lewis.

Perez said that Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen's cult-favorite Nextwave title was "one of his biggest influences" on the new Nova.

Nova #1 is scheduled to debut in December 7.

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